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How did God instruct the Israelites to determine the first day of the first month of the year -- by means of a very simple method or did he instruct a select few how to determine it by means of an orally instructed secret and highly complex calculation that was handed down from generation to generation? The result of this calculation has been used by the off-shoots of the Worldwide Church of God for decades. But was this really the method revealed by God to the Israelites? When the Israelites left Egypt, God told Moses that "this is the month of Abib" and He commanded the Israelites to observe the month of Abib. Observance of the holy days begins on the 14th day of the first month (Abib) at even or at the going down of the sun. Why was it called "Abib"? This refers to the growing state of the barley crop. When the barley reaches the stage of ripeness when the ears are still green but the barley can be parched and eaten it is referred to being in "abib". God showed the Israelites how to determine when the first day of Abib started. Read a detailed explanation at this website: Abib Also, be prepared for a surprise to learn when to start counting the days from the beginning of the new moon. Is the common accepted terminology of a new moon really the correct definition? What does God say about it? Read an explanation at this website: The New Moon in the Hebrew Bible

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