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You've arrived at my page of Poetry.  I hope you'll enjoy my poems and a chance to relax from your daily work.   

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     I write poetry at times when the mood strikes me.  None of the poems, with the exception of "My Companion", presented below have been published.

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My Companion

My companion is a friend Rejoicing when I rejoice Lifting me up when I feel down-- Whisp'ring words of hope When I despair-- Assuring me when I doubt Making me strong When I am weak-- My companion is my guardian My companion is my friend My companion is Love HwS 02/83


Time alone is constant... A constant companion and A constant enemy. It is balm, it is pain It is sorrow, it is gain. Today it brings us peace, Tomorrow...maybe war. A healer and a destroyer, A messenger of hope and of despair With the winds of fortune It carries luck, good and bad. With time, circumstances change, Determines the course of our lives. What shall tomorrow bring? Time, alone, our informer shall be. HwS 02/83

I Remember

A soft "hello" To me did show Of Love a token Were soft words spoken Like precious jewels Her shining pools With gossamer lace Caressed my face A gentle whisper Of sculptured grace Fleetingly settled Upon my face A longing look A hopeless sigh A softly whisper'd "Goodbye" HwS '81

How Shall I...

How shall I love? How shall I share? How shall I tell you That I care? HwS '81

Thoughts of You

"My only Love My sweetest turtledove, In whatever I do I always find Thoughts of you Caressing my mind." HwS 12/00

My Love

"My Love Dry my eyes, Banish my tears My pain My fears. I'll give you Love I'll give you Joy The whole wide world Should be your Toy." HwS '81

Whatever I Do...

"In whatever I do I constantly find Thoughts of you Caressing my mind. HwS '81

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