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You've arrived at my page of Favorite URLs.  I hope you'll find some websites that you, too, enjoy to visit.  Come back soon and don't forget to bookmark this site before you leave.  Have a nice day.

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Favorite URLs

CodeBrain.com Java - Master Index of Free Java Applets  Free Applets and JavaScript programs for that special website.
Scholarship Research Network  Scholarship Resource Network Express is a search engine and database of private scholarships designed to assist students identify sources for undergraduate through postgraduate study. This database also includes student loan forgiveness programs for those who have graduated from college and need alternatives for repayment.
Photography by Toni Lankerd  This site contains some unique pictures that will give you a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature and the engineering skills of mankind. It is all about enjoying the wonders of photography, understanding the photography and becoming involved with photography.
Shutter City.Com  A site created for photographers by photographers. Whether you are a professional, a serious amateur or just a passionate snapshooter, you will find a plethora of useful features on this site to help you enjoy the beautiful photos taken by photographers from all over the world.
Nature Photographers  "An online magazine dedicated to nature and wildlife photography."
Virtual Concert at the Sydney Opera House  Since its opening in 1973, the Sydney Opera House has been host to some of the most memorable artistic performances...take a tour of the Opera House.
Excite Travel  Obtain answers for your travel questions at this site, flights, rental cars, lodging, and more.
Expedia Travel  Discount airfare, flights, hotels, cars vacation packages, cruises, maps. Obtain answers for all your travel questions at this site.
Desktop Theme Links  Links to desktop themes, game themes, Windows startup/shutdown logos.
Factory Direct Table Pads  TABLE PADS DIRECT! From America's Leading Factory!
Edmunds.com - Where Smart Car Buyers Start  Advice on pricing, buying and financing your new or used car. Learn everything you need to know.
Greenlight.com - The best way to buy a car online  How it works: Select Your Car - Get a Great, Upfront Price - Order Online - Arrange for Pick-up or Delivery.
The Living Africa  A look at the people, the land, the flora and fauna of the continent of Africa.
EarthCam - Webcam Network  Live video camera images from EarthCam Metro Sites: Atlanta - Boston - Chicago - Dallas - Denver - Detroit - Miami - Los Angeles - New York - Orlando - Philadelphia - Phoenix - Portland - San Francisco - Seattle - Twin Cities - Washington DC as well as Edinburgh, Scotland. Also has links to a variety of other live video cameras.
Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's  This is the official Calvin and Hobbes site and a great webpage for all you Calvin and Hobbes fans. On this site you'll find Calvin and Hobbes icons, skins for your Winamp, Calvin and Hobbes midi file music theme, and many other paraphenalia.
Classical Midi Archives © 2000 Pierre R. Schwab  Classical Music files in MIDI Format from 668 Composers. The best midi website I've ever visited.
Hart Van Nederland  This website may be of interest to Hollanders looking for news from their home country, weather, etc.
Audubon Online -- National Audubon Society  Find the answers to all your questions about the Audubon Society here and issues such as bird conservation, National Wildlife Refuges, Wetlands, Forests, Everglades, etc.
Create Your First Webpage in a Weekend (Second Edition)  Learn basic and intermediate HTML to put your own webpage on the internet. These webpages are the result of learning how from that book.
DOJ Organization Chart.  I made it easy for you and gave you the URL for the Department of Justice organization chart. Click on any of the offices indicated in the chart and it'll take you there. Check out the reports written by the Office of the Inspector General. To some they may be interesting, to others they might be a tonic for insomnia.
Directory of /pub/AIRCRAFT-IMAGES.  The FTP server at the Department of Computer Science,Utrecht University, the Netherlands (Europe). It has images of many military aircraft, including European, Russian, and American. If you like airplanes, check out this site.
Macromedia Web Player Download Center  This site offers a free download of the shock-wave flash plugin required by some of the URLs on this webpage.
real.com  You can download a copy of the RealPlayer7 free,at this site. If you don't already have one, I suggest you obtain one now if you want to listen to the available audio of the internet. You can also obtain the RealPlayer7 Plus for $29.99 which comes with many optional features not available on the RealPlayer7. You can also download a free copy of RealJukebox which will record your music from your CD in the CD-ROM on your harddrive. As with the RealPlayer, RealJukebox Plus can be purchased for $29.99.
-Zoo Website Site Map-  You've seen the zoo in your home town and in the bigger cities, but you've most likely never seen the zoo in Perth, Australia. Click on this link and you'll be able to see what it looks like. It has birds and animals you probably haven't seen before.
Lincoln Park Zoo Main Menu  Here is a zoo much closer to home, especially when you live in Chicago. If you'd like to know what this zoo has to offer, be sure to visit this website.
To Live in Fellowship  You can enjoy reading many bible lessons that I researched and wrote at this site as well as listen to streaming audio of sermons and/or bible studies.
The Bible Study Web Site  For the serious individual who is deeply interested in obtaining understanding of the many different facets of the Bible.
Audio Bible On-line  If you want to relax and listen to readings of the Bible, this is the website for you.
Bible Gateway  Search by book, chapter and verse, or by key words. This site offers 12 different versions of the bible. It's great when you want to look for better meanings of texts. Some versions do a better job of translating the Septuagint and Greek versions of the NT.

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