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  Have you ever wondered whether Herbert Armstrong really was called of God to deliver the message of repentance and of the coming Kingdom of God or if he was just another cult figure who had his following in his time like so many others? There were times when I wasn't so sure about his credentials, but then I remember the words of Jesus, "By their fruits you shall know them." Remembering the teachings of Mr. Armstrong, I can honestly state that his fruits leave no doubt in my mind that God did His latter days work through Mr. Armstrong and his son Garner Ted Armstrong. Yes, I know, Garner Ted was not perfect and he did things that he shouldn't have, but "...let him who has not sinned pick up the first stone..." The fact of the matter is, Garner Ted continued to preach the same message as his father, Herbert Armstrong, and I've never seen him deviate from it.

    You need to think, what was the purpose for which they were chosen? For the purpose of showing us our sins and what our sins were leading to  -  destruction of the Israelite nations and condemnation of each individual. They were used to bring us back to God who could then grant us repentance and begin to work with us to make us, mold and shape us into His divine nature.  No, this was not readily apparent from the teachings of the Armstrongs. Oh yes, they taught that, but I was never convicted of that until God started working with me. The Armstrongs were tools used by God to convict the latter day people whom God has purposed to join those chosen ones from the past millenia.

    We know that God is not trying to convert the world at this time, but is in the process of choosing the leaders of His Kingdom. Those who will teach and serve all those who will live during the thousand year reign of Jesus, the Christ, and those who will be resurrected at the second resurrection. These leaders are called the first-fruits of Israel, they into whom the Gentiles were grafted to share in ruling the world at Jesus' second coming as the King over many kings and the Lord over many Lords.  Coming into this revealed knowledge from God is the end-result and the fruit of the ministry of the Armstrongs.   For this reason I include the audio messages from the Armstrongs on this website. I hope that there are others who may also be convicted of their sins and way of life as I was, and turn to God to be taught of Him. The audio presentations can be accessed by going to this address: HWA Radio Broadcast Those who berate and belittle the Armstrongs are those who are on the outside, those to whom God has not given for them to understand the glory and wisdom of the Almighty God.

    In Matthew 28:19 Jesus commanded the apostles to go into all the world, to make disciples of all the nations and to baptize them into the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Most professing Christians claim that this command meant that the apostles were to go to every nation in the world to preach the gospel and to baptize them. But is this really the meaning of Jesus' command? How did the apostles interpret this command. Did they go to all the non-jewish nations in obedience to this command? In Matthew 10:5 Jesus sent the twelve disciples to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and told them to preach that the Kingdom of God is near, to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those afflicted with leprosy, and to expel the demons. No one disagrees that Jesus commanded them to go to the 10 tribes of Israel at that time. However, there are those that claim that this was a learning period for the disciples and that this command had no connection to the one given in Matthew 29:19. In the May 1964 Plain Truth, Dr. Herman Hoeh published the result of his research into the travels of the twelve apostles.  Read "The Apostles' Journeys" and see what how the Apostles themselves interpreted the command by Jesus. (HINT: In Galatians 2:9, Paul relates how that James, Peter, and John gave Paul the right hand of fellowship so that Paul might go to the Gentiles and they to the Circumcision [Israel])

    There are those who claim that Jesus, in Mark 7, did away with the law of clean and unclean animals. Others claim the law was done away as a result of Peter's vision recorded in Acts 10. Can this be true? Was the law given by God to Israel during their desert wanderings annulled by Jesus or by God in the vision to Peter? Read "Did Jesus Do Away With The Clean vs. Unclean Law? and see what the bible really says about this subject.

    As hard as it is to believe and as shocking as it may be to all who have taken it for granted that the yearly calendar in use today has always consisted of 365¼ days, I have found that this has not always been true.  Ancient historical and archeological records exist that point to the fact that the earth has repeatedly been moved from its orbit of the sun during the past 5,000 years and, as a result, the length of the year has been repeatedly changed.  This was accompanied by a great loss of life and may very well be something we'll experience at the return of the Son of God.   Hard to believe, yes, but amazingly true.   The bible, itself, alludes in a number of places that the length of the year was different at one time than we now know.   The Jewish Talmud also makes a reference of a change being made in the calendar by no less a personage than King Hezekiah.   The whole world has been deceived by the theories advanced by scientists who teach that everything on earth is the result of a gradual, gentle, erosion over billions of years to support their theory of evolution and not by catastrophic upheavals that have repeatedly changed the face of the earth.  They will not admit to an all-wise, all-powerful God who is able and has commanded planets to be removed from their appointed places and cause His glory to shine forth and His will to be done at exactly the right time.   Even stalwart Christians in the Church of God refuse to believe that the Almighty might want to use such a method THAT MEN MIGHT STAND IN AWE OF HIS GREAT POWER AND MIGHT. Read Is Today's Jewish Calendar The One God Gave To Moses? and be shocked and amazed at the real truth.

    Have you ever stopped to think about "what is love" or "What makes me love someone else?" Just what is this quality of human nature that we call "love?" What motivates us to love another person? Why do we love others? Could it be some innate quality in our human nature, one of our nature’s "good" qualities that expresses itself towards others? Read my new bible study ""What Do You Mean - Love Your Neighbor"

   Herbert W. Armstrong taught that the Church of God was "the only true church", a spiritual organism to be married to Christ upon His return. Many of the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God claim to be the successor "true church", that they are the only ones in possession of the truth necessary for salvation. Although many have seen changes in their doctrines, one thing they all have in common -- replacement theology. This theory was originally, and still is taught by the false churches and brought into the Church of God by those that left those churches. The theory teaches that God has cast off Israel and that by His death, Christ was freed to marry another woman, The Church, which has replaced Israel in the grand scheme of things. this really what God tells us in His Word? Read "An Open Letter to the Churches of God" and find out what it is that the teaching of this theology has kept hidden from God's saints. This is the REAL Mystery of the Ages.

   What does the Egyptian temple of Karnak have in common with Solomon's Temple? When Pharaoh Sishak came in the 5th year of the reign of Rehoboam to take away all the furnishings of Solomon's Temple as well as from the palace, did all these things disappear forever from the sight of Israel? Who was Pharaoh Sishak. Can we identify him with the known Pharaohs of Egypt? Read the amazing story by Immanuel Velikovsky in the new chapter on from: "Ages in Chaos"  For more information concerning his writings, visit the following index:   Velikovsky

   The "Teaching the Law" section has been deleted; however, you can now access an expanded website that contains 434 bible lessons relating to the first 5 books of the Pentateuch, 6 lessons relating to the Divine Service, and 12 lessons on the Heaven and Hell question. These can all be accessed by going to the following website  Mordakhai Joseph - Important Christian Topics  The website offers downloads of all the bible lessons in RealPlayer or MP3 formats, or you can order CDs containing the bible studies by following the directions on the website.

    How did God instruct the Israelites to determine the first day of the first month of the year -- by means of a very simple method or did he orally instruct a select few how to determine it by means of a secret highly complex calculation that was handed down from generation to generation? The result of a complex calculation has been used by the off-shoots of the Worldwide Church of God for decades. But was this really the method revealed by God to the Israelites? When the Israelites left Egypt, God told Moses that "this is the month of Abib" and He commanded the Israelites to observe the month of Abib. Observance of the holy days begins on the 14th day of the first month (Abib) at even or at the going down of the sun. Why was it called "Abib"? This refers to the growing state of the barley crop. When the barley reaches the stage of ripeness when the ears are still green but the barley can be parched and eaten it is referred to being in "abib". God showed the Israelites how to determine when the first day of Abib started. Read a detailed explanation at this website: Abib Also, be prepared for a surprise to learn when to start counting the days from the beginning of the new moon. Is the common accepted terminology of a new moon really the correct definition? What does God say about it? Read an explanation at this website: The New Moon in the Hebrew Bible

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